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Creating a better deckbuilding tool for everyone

I've been playing the Pokemon TCG since base set and competatively off and on since 2005. It is my love for the game that inspired me to create DeckTrio so that decks can easily be saved and shared with others. I regulary see lists shared on social media with just screenshots of lists from PTCGO or pictures of the list and thought there has to be a better way.

I set out to create the premier online deck building experience for the Pokemon Trading Card Game. With features such as deck statistics, card pricing, and list image preview, I hope that the community can gain a lot of use from DeckTrio. DeckTrio was created with mobile users in mind so that you can quickly and easily view and share decks from your phone and print decklists directly to be tournament ready. This project was made using the pokemon tcg api and pricing data from TCG Player.

I am always looking for better ways to improve DeckTrio and make it a better experience with new features to better serve the Pokemon TCG community. In the near future I would like to have articles and tournament reports be integrated directly into the platform. This is only the beginning of what I have planned for DeckTrio.

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